Drink Driving.

As I left the house with friends,
I remembered what you said,
"Please don't drink and drive!" you asked,
And I promised I'd drink cola instead.

I felt confident in knowing,
How safe I'd made you feel,
I didn't think about it twice,
As I climbed behind the wheel.

We turned up at the party,
And it was already swinging,
In my head your words popped up,
And I'd promised there'd be no drinking.

I went inside the house and asked,
For a coke without the ice,
My friends offered me a little shot mixed in,
But I asked for Lime to be my only vice.

I headed into the lounge,
Where everyone seemed to be,
Some people danced, some people kissed,
Someone even asked to dance with me.

I put my glass down to one side,
And we started moving the tunes,
I got into the atmosphere,
As it exploded around the room.

After numerous cokes, time had passed,
And it was time to go,
I grabbed my keys and said goodbye,
After finishing off my last coke.

I think it had gone midnight,
Though I cant be really sure,
I fiddled with my key in the dark,
As I opened the car door.

A few friends of mine asked for a lift,
As I was heading home their way,
I let them in the back of the car,
And gently we drove away.

I felt a little giddy,
But I'd had a brilliant night,
I drove a little faster then,
Thinking I would be alright.

Me and my friends chatted about the night we'd had,
About how great the party had been,
When out of nowhere something flew at us,
Smashing against the window screen.

In what seemed like seconds the lights went out,
And the car had come to a stop,
I looked in the back of the car to see,
My friends all sat in shock.

We looked in all the mirrors,
But nothing seemed to be there,
I climbed out the door in anticipation,
But nothing could have me prepared.

Lay in the road lay something still,
In a pool of blood,
I tried to wake them up I swear,
I did everything I could!

I checked them for a pulse,
But it had already stopped,
I pulled my phone out from my pocket,
I knew I had to phone the cops.

When they finally reached us,
Alongside the ambulance crew,
They confirmed what I had feared;
What I already knew.

The policeman asked me if I'd been drinking,
I looked him in the eye,
"No sir, coke is all I've had,"
Knowing it honestly wasn't a lie.

He pulled out a machine and asked me to breathe,
So I did with total confidence,
But as I watched the policeman's eyes fixated,
I began to feel a little tense.

He said I was over the limit,
And said I was being arrested,
"But I swear I'm innocent!"
He ignored me as I protested.

Now I'm sitting here awaiting trial,
Wondering how things for me went wrong,
It turned out my drinks that night were spiked,
And I had been drinking all along.

I'd left my drink unattended,
With people I thought were my friends,
But here I am all alone,
Is this where my story ends?

Someone's idea of a funny night,
Someone's idea of a joke,
Had left somebody dead and me sat here,
With my future up in smoke!

I cannot prove my innocence,
I can protest it all I like,
The law says I drank and drove,
I say my drink got spiked.

Someone got killed by my car,
And it seems I'm the one to blame,
Mum I promised to only drink coke that night,
And I still sit and say the same.

Vicki Wroe, 25 (C)

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Drink Driving.

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