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Daughter Mine

Daughter mine where have you gone?
I cannot see you, touch you, having
Left without saying goodbye.

The days go by but my sorrow never lifts.
Night after night all I do is cry, In the
morning there is no sunshine.

A whisper, a candle flicker anything
To let me know your alright.
Its so hard to go on without you.

Daughter mine I will never be the Same.
Was it something I did or didn't do that
caused u to be so careless?

I only wanted the best for you. Now I
see glimpses of You in everything I do,
everywhere I go.

Are you watching from up above? Do you
see all the people you touched with love?
They felt you were an angel.

Daughter mine I will never hear your laughter
or feel your hugs again. My life has lost its
meaning I dont know where to begin.

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Daughter Mine