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I'm going to save my money 

And buy a special little car

With a two toned siren horn and

Mounted flashing blue light bar,

And I'll go out driving

And one of these nights

I'll find a policeman waiting

At red traffic lights.

And I'll pull up behind him, 

Blast him with my horn

At the same turning 

My flashing blue lights on.

I'll bet the unwary officer

Almost fouls his pants with shock

And I will drive on past him

Putting mileage on the clock.

And as I shoot past

I certainly won't linger

Just lift up my hand 

And give him the finger.

Oh the fun and excitement

Of such a jolly jape

Made even better

If I effect my escape

I once got breathalysed

For having a dirty number plate

And the officer that did it treated

Me with such contempt and hate.

He didn't believe me,

Now I come to think,

When I said I didn't

Ever drive after  drink.

A negative result 

But that man was so rude

That I took the time to inform him

Of his bad attitude

I told he was impolite

The worst PC I'd ever seen

He wasn't very pleased

Told me to quickly leave the scene

I normally respect the police

But some of them dont give a hoot

And just a few of them

Are too big for their boots

So I'm  saving my money

To try and make things right

By a dose of their own medicine

At a set of  traffic lights.

That’s how he stopped me

Early one  Boxing Night

And those flashing lights 

Gave us such a fright.




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