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I came upon a mountain stream,

And there she sat my perfect dream,

Half hidden by a waterfall,

Her dress so thin not there at all.


But nor was she, a trick of light,

My imagination running rife,

A water droplet hologram,

A beauty formed of pure flimflam.


An eerie twist of light and dark,

A power not known in science talk,

But there she was as light as day,

She blew a kiss and begged me stay.


To sit beside her for a while,

To hold her hand, basked in her smile,

She told of things oft quite absurd,

If I fell asleep I'd stay with her.


When morning came I stirred but slow,

I felt renewed, empowered somehow,

I stretched and yawned now there's a thing,

Where did I get these silky wings?


Am I dead was my first thought,

Well, no I'm not, I flew aloft,

And there she was my perfect dream,

To faerieland she'd taken me.


© Joseph G Dawson