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It was a year of revolutions

Worldwide, quiet little fights

Wanting more from democracy
Fighting for Civil Rights.
From Hull three trawlers sank
February, fifty eight lives lost,
Adding to that 10 thousand
Deep sea fishing would finally cost.


They called them Headscarf Heroes

Big Lil lead the housewives, the few

Who stood and fought for 

More safety for the crews.

They marched on Downing Street

In defence of their men

Met with PremierHarold Wilson

Up there at Number 10;


United the fishing community

All over the land,

Brought the fight to the public,

Made an historic stand

To fight for basic safety

To fight for better ways

For the men who fished each year

On average over three hundred days.


She was vilified and attacked

Received letters threatening death

But BIg Lil and her companions

Fought with their every breath.

They won many concessions

At their personal cost

The efforts of these ladies

Saved many lives from being lost.


The fishing fleet is finished.

Old Hessle Road is gone.

In time and at a price

This City has moved on.

Such an historic figure

I find it such an awful shame

So very few know or remember 

Big Lil Bilocca’s name.

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Big Lil - 1968