ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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ameriKKKan Empire,
Built upon genocidal white supremacy,
Land theft and bigotry,
Reservations and forced labor plantations …
For the Africans…
An imprisonment that none did desire,
A virtual crucible of fire,
Built upon the backs of the Blacks it enslaved,
Misused and abused,
Bodies battered and bruised,
Identity stolen and minds confused,
Black eyes tearful and swollen,
African men, women and children stolen,
Leaving out the parts that are gory,
I’ll continue to relate this ameriKKKan Crime story,
Black hands , white cotton,
White man...... hearts rotten...
The White skinned
Black hearted creator..
Of Africa’s...  
ameriKKKan ghost,
All along the Chesapeake and Virginia coast,
Everyday life was a battle,
Herded , chained and treated worst than cattle,
Louisiana, Brazil and Havana,
All places of great pain,
Working cane sugar …
Ain’t never been sweet,
Sweating, fretting from being beaten in the heat,
Overseers, slave breeders, slave drivers and slave auctioneers…
White sadistic perverts and queers,
Hell on earth is all we have known,
Since the days when  we were stolen from home,
Designated as three fifths of a man,
Seen as nothing but strong backs with hands,
Commodities bought, sold and traded…
By the pale skinned slavers
Whom they hated,


Abu Lateef Babatunde

© 2015

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