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She's known to the world as

A woman who killed her mates,

An accomplished poisoner

And one of history's hates.

But one of her inventions 

Altered world history's course

‘tis said she invented knickers

For use when riding her horse.


Tired of ribald comments,

They rode commando in those days,

And rude glances and stares for

They were known for bawdy ways

So she put her mind to it

And invented her underwear

To give her some modesty

When she was perched up there


Anne Sommers be grateful.

She should have a special place.

Without her you wouldn't be selling

Those creations in nylon and lace.

She was only the Popes daughter

Said to be lascivious and lewd,

Forerunner of women's lib

A woman of attitude.


History regards her as infamous

Bawdy, naughty and  sleazy 

But before Lucretia came along

A woman's condition could be breezy.

All hail Lucretia Borgia,

A woman of style and taste

Who gave a woman warmth and

Modestly, there below the waist.



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Lucretia Borgia