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An alfresco latte

That my partner bought

In the Travellers' Rest

As I sit deep in thought,

Pondering on life

The universe and me;

How I've got where I am

And my philosophy. 


If at first 

You dont succeed

Give up has been 

My lifelong creed.

To do otherwise 

Just brings stress

And the possibility of

Eventual success.


Ive never understood

Success's fatal allure.

I find I am so happy with

My moderate failure.

Ive lots of successful friends

But many of them are dead

So on balance i feel

I'm just slightly ahead.


May  not have the allure

Of the golden sands 

Of the Cote D'Azure

But it has the advantage 

Of  being cheap

And welcomes even 

The unsuccessful creep


My Jeans may not be 

Designer trade

But they dont leak and 

Are reasonably made.

A welcoming smile,

A pleasant face

This Is for me

My type of place.


They welcomed me

 With open arms

So failure maybe

Has its charms.

So today for me 

i'm having the best

Enjoying my latte 

At The Travellers Rest


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Coffee At The Travellers Rest