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She is despised by some and she's loved by others
She has always aided other countries when needed
Her young sons and daughters responded to the call
And though many call her names! She's My Country

All throughout our history we have been a leader
In industries that helped advance all countries
With our research & developments in medicines
She's improved the lives of many! She's My Country

It's strange how some nations we helped reject us now
And in some cases they have become our enemies as well
Using the technologies we gave them for war not peace
Then they will talk trash about her! She's My Country

Well say what you want and tell me she's just evil
But I'll tell you this fact there is no other lady
Who will think of others needs before her own needs
She's strong and she's very proud! She's My Country

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.
(Reposted from 08/28/15)

This Poem was written last year around the 9/11 anniversary
date it was in response to the very negative remarks that a
couple of morons who had regularly visited my site for the
sole purpose of leaving very childish and in many cases very
demented statements and remarks about my country and for her
veterans who've fought and in many cases died defending not
only our freedom, but also that of our allies as well. They
tried many times to anger me by leaving these very pathetic
statements claiming that America, her combat veterans and I
were nothing more than baby killers, butchers, rapists and
in their own view that we were thugs and murders. It seems
that most of the verbal attacks on my sites were always from
the same two morons who in my own view exhibited every sign
of being very demented and that they have some very twisted
views about life and people in general. I eventually had to
block these two morons from having access to my sites after
last years verbal ranting's and their own verbal assaults on
my own two poetry sites here, I'm very proud of our nation
and especially our own veterans who had bravely served and
fought throughout our own history as a nation to defend not
only our own nation, but also for always defending our own
allies and their own nations freedom whenever they needed
for us to fight along side of them as they have with us.

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