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War is hell and is beyond true description
Only if you had been there would you know
I still do have nightmares and cold sweats

But to say everything there was horrible
Then that would be just a monumental lie
For even during war you can find beauty

Not in the actual combat or all that entails
There is nothing that is beautiful in that
But when it was calm look and you can see it

Beauty does exist even in war I know this fact
For if you could open your mind and your eyes
It was there to be seen separate from the war

It was parts of the landscape not yet ravished
It was in the eyes of all those innocent orphans
Still not quite understanding what was happening

In the middle of all the insanity that was Vietnam
You could see if only for a moment there was beauty
The colors of the landscape were so lush and green

Never have I seen those hues and shades of green
A sudden rain squall bringing relief from the heat
The night so pitch black yet brilliant with stars

Even the sight of a water buffalo in a rice paddy
Or to watch how the people tried to live normally
When all around them their world was shattered

They coped and they tried to survive each day
Their skills at creating things were unbelievable
They could make anything from absolutely nothing

They would take things that most people discarded
From these things they'd build items they needed
It was amazing to witness these things that year

There were old french structures that were beautiful
There were statues of Buddha and there were pagodas
There were many modern and primitive things as well

And all across Vietnam there were different people
There were mountain people, peasants and city types
And up in Saigon it was called the Paris of Asia

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.
(Reposted 08/28/15)

In war you can lose your mind quite easily or you can try
to find ways to cope with the situation that you were in
by looking for things that reminded you of normal things
in your life before this nightmare began. I had chose to
do this by volunteering to help out the orphans and those
Catholic nuns and local villagers who tried to give those
kids some kind of stable life among all the chaos that was
South Vietnam at that time in history and by doing so I'd
even helped myself to keep my sanity and see that there's
beauty to be found even in war if you could just open your
own mind and your eyes to look around and you'd see it.

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