North Boston or North Charleston,
Black lives are loss... and lost in,

Walter Scott got what he got ,
When officer Slager fired off shots,

In ameriKKKa each day Black folks lives get badder not better,

Because in ameriKKKa Black lives donít matter,

You wonít hear me stammer, As I kick the facts about Tamir,

Murdered by pigís dropping the gunís hammer, His momís pride and joy,

Never to become a teenager, he was just a 12 year old Black boy,

Gunned down by white cops for playing with a toy,

For respect everyday we scramble. In ameriKKKa living while Black is a minute to minute gamble,

Like throwing snake eyes in a game if dice, it wasnít nice what they did to young Mr. Rice.

Everyday some Black mother becomes sadder because in ameriKKKa Black lives don't matter,

Samuel Dubose lies dead from a white cop's bullet to the head,

The farce of peaceful protest in the community is an exercise in futility,

Victims of state sponsored brutality getting frustrated and going batty,
as cops kill another in Cincinnati,

No respecter of humanity, race or sexuality,

Damn, look what they did to sista Sandy Bland, murdered her as quickly as they would a Black Brother Man.

In ameriKKKa
Black life has always been a slice of hell,

Instead of letting her loose, they gave her the noose. They lynched Sister Sandy in a cell.

Why? Why did they do it? Simply, because they can. Because the life of Red, Brown and Black child, woman or man, has never mattered in this land,


Habib Abu Lateef

© 2015

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