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Our Time


We are not sure of what the future brings, but this much we know
Time is a thief, stealing hours of our lives as it goes

We travel through life as our days slowly pass
Knowing that our time on Earth will never last

For this life will only be a memory
When we go to our long home, for eternity

Our earthly journey is short, no matter how high we fly
From the moment that we start to live, we also begin, to die

As we age, we tend to forget some names
But we can never forget the Christ who came

He spent His life on earth in a very special way
And He made the most of each and every day

He wasted not a moment; He knew why He came
And He never searched for anyone to blame

He could have come to earth at any time
In any year, maybe even yours and mine

If He came to our world, right now, in this place
Would He be proud of the human race?

What would you ask Him, what would you like to know
If you had a minute with Him, to watch his soft eyes glow?
If you could sit across from Him and ask Him anything
What questions would your mind bring?

He chose to come long ago
So that only through faith would we know

The wonderful world that He will soon bring
To every person on earth who knows Him as King

He is the Grand Architect of the Universe
And He has plans for each of us, After that short ride, in the hearse

Danny Fisher

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Our Time

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