Walkin on Air

Dichotomy of a Pervert

Some actually wed their lovers through adoption,
yet others by open wallets and bonus;
my regards cannot cope with such profane irruption
society has laid on our collective onus.

‘See the world through democracy's spectacles'
we are told, expunge any claustrophobic ideas;
too many people inherently are bisexuals,
so what is a little concession to ease deep-seated fears?

Human sexuality has become weaponized,
confused dissidence snappishly quarantined,
heterosocial hegemony has simply vaporized
into clouds of self-destructive Benzedrine.

Babylon's daughter possesses all who have no hold
on the ancestral faith of our fathers' trust,
bloated spiders bite turning dead hearts cold:
sowing sin among the weak in the camp of the just.

Dances in darkness enlivens the reprobate:
yes, to cradle innocents in filthy transgression
makes them celebrate an evil conspicuous rush;
little do they know, lest you told them so, they're ingrate
cultivating illegally assembled obsession:
in fact, not one of them is able to repent or even blush!

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Dichotomy of a Pervert

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