Walkin on Air

Someone's Great-great Granny

Anyone here seen a masticating camel sneeze?
Perhaps a degenerated old bint who crochets,
while chewing tobacco makes her wheeze,
might make a quilt of brooches as she spits
and misses the homemade spittoon
standing near the open window curtain;
she forgot to wear new lenses this afternoon
oblivious to the gobular creation slowly slithering
beyond the horizon of her chromatic spectrum
and the ancient code of indifference
designed to deal with her dwindling life-season's autumn.

She cackles in delight as memory-lane strolls
propel her remaining synaptic transmissions
to recreate trysts with some most delightful trolls,
and then suddenly she is void: vapid stare of empty
extinct arrangements marooned in urns of tenderness,
vanished into history forgotten by most mortals
harboring strong tendencies not to confess;
not caring if they enter through Heaven's portals!

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Someone`s Great-great Granny

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