Walkin on Air

Summer Simmer

Chirping birds, buzzing bees, rustling leaves budding from trees,
nestling in grass, heeding Mother Earth giving cyclic birth
my soul like a fetus succors from peace and rest:
sweet bonding: earth to earth, dust to dust
essence of life n light convulses
realtime heartbeat impulses
in concert with Nature,
night and day
two way
of shrieks:
pealing delights
roll joyfully off tongues,
silly echoes savoring a skinny dip,
motherly calls to dinner sober our collective
make-believe illusions perspiring love of full abandon:
catalytic surrender without borders to creation's supremacy,
royal cocoons bursting into munificent butterflies of satisfaction
fit to quaff the elixir of summer's embracing arms of warmth and comfort.
When then I lay my head to sleep
Lovelight's Spirits me safely keep
in perky Moonbeams tight n snug
protected with her Summer Hug
until I at dawn once again awake
a fresh new summer's day to take.

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Summer Simmer

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