Walkin on Air

The Science of Carrots n Whatnots

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Auld Lang Syne reflections of long since passed illusion,
my sojourn's private privilege-dithering:
should the good times or maybe the bad times rate a recall?
Counting the sand-grains as they drop: plop, plop, plop!
Ah, what one will do to squeeze yet a slight chuckle?
Confess I must, it is my backhanders defense
against concerns I have, on what lies beyond yonder gate;
you know: that mighty portal which makes us involuntarily
shudder each time we pass by?
My list of mistakes has long since become a badge of experience
many seek to steal or borrow, or even pay for:
income-generating professional garble, tailor-made bluffs
designed as old age sweeteners' to pay relentless bills of banality!
So? All this to say that: to grow old gracefully,
there is no such thing, but for the odd, blessed perks

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The Science of Carrots n Whatnots

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