Walkin on Air

Condemned for who I am

Trampling boots echo on the staircase:
won't be long before the 'knock on the door'...
my eyes closed I pray thus:
'Here I am, my Lord, Emmanuel Ben David of Bethlehem,
all ready to be close to you:
thank you for this quiet place where I can sit and rest at your feet;
I love to sit here and learn from you,
I love to gaze upon your face so warm, so tender...…'

Actually I had expected them since quite some time
but, you know, when it happens
there is a feeling of relief, like: it is finally over.

My prayer continued:
'Thank you for this priceless privilege
of sitting here and partaking of your peace,
of hearing straight from you,
words of life so crystal clear:
God with me in you Emmanuel;
I love your words: I drink them in,
I need your soothing waters
to quench my thirst and wash me clean;
there's such good reception here in my favorite place
where I can tune in and fill up with your ever-loving Holy Spirit,
your Elixir of Love!'

Outside my door sounds of weapons and persecutors
readying for a sudden entry, reach my ears
trying to disturb my communion.
I look back now, like in a time warp,
and it's hard to imagine
when I didn't have this special place,
I wonder how I ever made it through my days.

The funny thing is, Jesus was right here all the time:
my special place was always just waiting for me,
but I had been too busy to notice;
but now, I'm going to keep sitting
right here in my special, favorite quiet place,
in sweet, still devotion my Lord,
as they arrest me or shoot me:
whatever they want to do.

That I am an active believer cannot be denied
without dire consequence from God,
which is much worse than being guilty
as charged: 'you are a Christian!'

As the door splinters and the locks burst
I imagine a battle for life and death:
'bow-twang snaps reverberate through the night,
arrows swish and slither death in random flight:
none are safe, none can be sheltered,
umber colored huts burn, shale roofs crash:
trance-like demons tear, rip and slash;
authorities encumbered with confusion condone
the carnage, assuming legal retribution is to thoroughly atone:
saints haven salute with unseen tips of pain, loss, and foul play,
history's didactic recurrence decimates mortals and flay
to coerce for imagined gain…'

The 'thought police' brusquely grab me and claim:
'You are a subversive dissident and a Christian believer!
You must come with us now. Do you understand?'

Smiling my mouth sings to them:
'I know of a garden, only seen by a few,
if you don't keep it a secret, I'll share it with you:
its a magical garden full of wonders unknown
protected by angels, and surrounded by precious stone;
its a secret location, known only to me,
there is only one entrance, and I have the key.

From the outside its covered by ivy spread wide
concealing the secrets that lay hidden inside;
it cannot be climbed and the top can't be reached
for God cast a spell, so it's walls can't be breached:
the only way in is to take hold of the key
and whisper "reveal your secret's to me."

Can you understand, officer dear, why you have come in here?
What will be you role in my graduation trial,
do you expect me to hide behind denial?
Ready I am to face death or prison:
God's Lovelight appears slowly, yet surely in vision
of magnificent flowers singing through tears
regardless of age and passing years
brought on by joy shared with saved boys and girls;
as a sweet smelling butterfly fondly twirls
above our head giggling while dancing away
into the bright Lovelight carefree from yesterday.

Lock me up or kill my body, it makes no difference to me;
soft moss lightens up as I tread off the secular path
of little white pearls past mundane worldly wrath,
arriving at secure pastures full of love
garnered from a surreptitious treasure trove,
where aged for eons ancient deep secrets lie
telling us tales of someone who can't die!

Sorrow and fear transmutes into faith once again;
perhaps you may believe the children of men
somehow could achieve at last pure guileless breath
to bring end to pain and cessation from death!

Well, now that you've seen my garden from inside
you surely understand why I cannot hide
the eternal source of bliss not far apart:
it stops evil entering the garden of my heart!

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Condemned for who I am

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