Walkin on Air

They've Come a Long Way

Bartender! Rack ‘em up in a straight line
like my Daddy's proverbial pocket philosophies;
make sure the shots don't spill to intertwine
where the worn bar-surface echoes allegories
only to reverberate in the dustbin of empty prattle:
regurgitated whisky logic garbled incessantly
by drovers of ever faltulating, cud chewing cattle
whose faith relies on brawn, bullets and mindless pleasantry.

They've come a long way from Saloon to Congressional seats,
where in unison wolves howl and the lonely sheep bleats,
vying for attention from senators' comatose inattention
and a whitewashed house full of evil not fit to mention,
where Uncles Sam and Tom frolic in abject scorn
and celebrate iniquity quaffing the amber Johnny Barleycorn.

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They`ve Come a Long Way

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