Walkin on Air

A Psalm

Once my soul, riddled with despair,
searched for some means of spirit repair,
when a sudden flash of inspiration
from David's House in God's incarnation
said; "You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you..."
From the Gospel of John the verse, a most surprising one,
played harpsichord-music that lodged in secret chambers:
a residue of what Earthly life remembers
gave peace, love and happiness true
in the poetry of communion shared with you.

T'was awhile back, when I trod the old track,
not knowing whereto it led;
a few bums and rail-workers merged in and out,
but none I could say got my spirit fed.

Expecting God's Word on back-tracks to find
surely would boggle any simple mind,
but like David of Old that's where I finally saw him;
some might say it was just a whim,
yet, Psalms of David walk with love hand in hand,
sprinkles Holy Spirit-water on barren land
for faith and hope to abundantly sprout
fellowship with saints and erases doubt.

Once I was blind, but now I see
how to bury sorrow in the pages of my Bible:
to God's promises I come as a refugee
and share with Jesus Satan's scorn and libel.

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A Psalm

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