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Chimney Pot Park

Let me tell you 'bout a place called Chimney Pot Park,

It's higher than the trees an' above the chimney tops,

There's every kinda laughter and every kinda fun,

It opens every evening with the setting of the sun.


All the children of the parish, flock there in their droves,

It's not a place to go to sleep and not a place to doze,

Climbing outta of windows, sneaking over gates,

All the kids from miles around plan to stay up late.


The park is lit by moonlight, starlight Hallowe'en,

Anything you want is yours you simply have to scream,

There's every kinda game to play and every kinda ride,

Every kinda wild pursuit and every kinda smile.


There's every kinda happiness and every kinda joy,

Every kinda wonderland for every girl and boy,

There's no admission fee to pay and great fun after dark,

So won't you come and join us at Chimney Pot Park?’


© Joseph G Dawson