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The Wonders Of Fall

Oh the wonders of another fall
Such beautiful colors displayed
The gusting winds that now blow
Scattering multi-colored leaves

Enjoy watching our neighborhood
Fathers, mothers & little kids
Raking up leaves in high piles
As giggling kids jump into them

The trips we take to get apples
Having cider and the warm donuts
Getting fresh corn on the cob
Watching all the young families

In days long past on Saturday's
Remembering all the many aromas
Smells of burning leaves gathered
Some smells were of fall barbecues

They won't let us burn leaves now
But there's still college football
And the sounds of crowds cheering
The marching band stirring up all

Yes Fall is grand and I do love it
The change of seasons is beautiful
Crisp breezes aid leaves take flight
They've completed their own season

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

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The Wonders Of Fall