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In a battle for your love


I watched you in the half light for over an hour,

Never daring to touch you, I'd known you but a

Short time, and in that time , I'd learnt to love

You so very deeply. So I watched on, unwilling to

Disturb should my intrusion prove unwelcome.

Slowly the covers moved and your gentle hand

Found mine, so soft, I could devour you, so gentle,

I would give my life in a battle for your love.


I watched you in the crystal clear moonlight vivid

And disappearing as clouds swept across the sky.

What joy you bring just being here beside me,

My love, my life. When the Garden of Eden was young

Original love can surely have been no better than this.

Your smile kindles the fire that burns in my heart, a

Fire that will not quench nor will it die. My heart is your

Heart, and in the life to come, I would gladly wager my

Life in a battle for your love.


I watched as the sun crept into our room, over our bed,

And across your beautiful face, sleep on my love for

The day is young and I ask no more than to rest in the

Arms of an angel. Bring me the cup of life and I will show

You the fountain from which to drink. Destiny is all we

Have to go on and fortune has truly smiled on me, you

Are my fortune, my wealth, my all, and I would give my life

In a battle for your love.


© Joseph G Dawson