Murder Most Foul

They murdered my suit,
Mickey Mouth and Paddy Rea,
They murdered my suit
That sad and fateful day.

A tramps ball in the gym.
I popped in to say hello.
But Mickey Mouth and Paddy
Just wouldn't let me go.

I was on my way to a meet
For a drink in Elli's bar,
Made the mistake of stopping
And didn't get very far.

A gentleman tramp I said,
Just passing through,
But for Mickey Mouth and Paddy
That excuse just wouldn't do.

One broken beer glass slash
And my jacket was in shreds
They hacked off one trouser leg
And my poor old suit was dead.

It was a bit beer stained
Really needed a clean
But I loved my little suit
Of finest lovat green.

We had a few drinks
For my suit's sake,
And I said my goodbyes
With a suitable wake

I didn't get to my date,
Til the end of the next day
Thanks to those two suit killers
Mickey Mouth and Paddy Rea.

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Murder Most Foul

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