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'Sorry dear'


Sorry is the softest word, yet the hardest word to say,

It hangs around the larynx, and won't come out to play,

It's on the tongue, but there too long, too late, she's gone away

When a whispered word to a lovely girl was all you had to say.


So much is lost when folk get cross, poor sorry pays the price,

You can't be wrong, you must be strong, no point in being nice,

Oh don't give in or wear a grin, keep up that manly spite,

It'll serve you right, on the lonely nights, when your bed's as cold as ice.


So if you get in trouble with a girlfriend or a wife,

Sorry's such a lovely word, it heals and puts things right,

It has a magic passion, to which you should adhere,

Life's never smooth, but why reproof? When all you need is 'sorry dear.'


© Joseph G Dawson