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A message to my lady

Ring the church bells, bang a drum, for I have
Found myself a love, in the gauge of a gorgeous
Creature crafted by God, and who shall not from
This day forth stoop to any man, nor shall she work
Unpaid in the kitchens of false kings who sup at the
Tables of plenty, whilst good men and woman starve
In the forest whilst the young die young, for want of
Nothing more than bread.


Let me be clear, in the battles to come there will be
Much bloodshed, and there will be great losses in the
Hovels where poverty is no stranger and disease runs
Rife and has done these many years. Losses aside my
Lady, we will win this battle and you will be victorious. I
Will have what is rightly mine and that is the love of a
Good woman. I was half a man when she was half a
World away, and now my lady, love in these distant lands
Gives me the power to write and neither my pen nor my
Sword will falter in thy service.


My heart hungered for love and was, I confess, fraught
With doubt, I thought love scarce in this realm, but I was
Wrong, love did come, and now I will not rest until I know
That both you and the land I love are free from tyranny.

© Joseph G Dawson