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In the shadows of your heart


In the shadows of your heart dear, there's a figure

Stands alone, is he someone from the distant past,

Or someone yet to come? Does he know how much

I love you and will he let us be, or is your heart

Already torn and waiting to be free?


I make no claims to keep you, if you'd rather be

Elsewhere, there's someone in the shadows, I've

Turned and seen him there. It's not imagination,

I've felt you pull away, there's another destination,

And another bed to make.


The kindest cut is the fastest cut, begone the hour

Is late, the shadow that I spoke of stands waiting at

The gate, I promise I will love you 'til the heavens

Tear apart, please think of me from time to time, in

The shadows of your heart.


© Joseph G Dawson