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Did he play the Tunes of Glory

Bagpipes all a skirl;

Did he pipe them bravely forward

Stickert kilt a twirl.

Did they follow him bravely

Lambs being led on 

To the stuttering fire of

A belt fed machine gun.

Lions led by donkeys

Though only at the top;

The life of a subbie seconds

When they went over the top.

Are these simple white crosses 

In gleaming serried ranks

Sufficient expression of 

A grateful nation’s thanks,

When some came back

Were they treated well

After all those years of 

Fourteen Eighteen hell.

Sadly they were in poverty

When they were called to go

And all those years later they

Returned to the status quo,

For God was back in His heaven

And everyone knew their place,

No longer conquering heroes

Just the scum of the human race.

Pipe Major led them bravely

Now, years later would he cry

Full of remorse and guilt

For those he led off to die. 

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Pipe Major