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Another message to my lady


Forsooth my lady but I am in thy debt, and where

Better to be methinks on this day of all days. I

Have soldiered long and hard in thy service and

Presently we rest in preparation for new battles to

Come. Ten thousand ducats shall do thy bidding.

The chest came into my possession this day and

It will be put to good use. My soldiers are short

Funded as too my knights and my men-at-arms;

But your generosity shall see to it that these

Splendid warriors want for nothing in the

Crushing days to come.


I am conscious of the deprivation and prolonged

Suffering in thy kingdom, and I am conscious too

Of the dire need for a speedy victory. As I write my

Men are preparing for a second attack, the

Blacksmith's forge glows cherry red and his water

Bath quenches the finest steel in readiness of fresh

Flesh to saviour. We will cut and hack our way

Through your enemies this day my lady, blood will

Wlow and bodies fall in the name of justice.


By God, they will know the true reach of our

Trebuchet before this day is done, your enemies

Shall not conquer nor, I wager, shall their gains

Be any greater than cold steel and a burial ground;

But I have bad news too, my recent betrothal has

come to nought, you recall my longing for a good

Woman and a good wife, it was not to be, for during

A recent battle my new love fell foul of a withering

Crossfire. I held what remained of her in my arms

Throughout the night, had my prayers been worthy

Of my God, she would perhaps be with me today:

But she is not, and so I fight on making you my

Lady the sole purpose of my life, as for my new

Love, she is buried here with my heart in this

Distant land.


© Joseph G Dawson