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Would you let me?

Would you let me look deep into your eyes,
And find that ultimate prize?
Discover where you exist,
Quickly make insecurities be dismissed.
Would you let me surf the ways of your mind?
Finding what times you and simply binds and defines you.
Your breath, your character,
Everything you thought really mattered.
Would you let me take my hand and reach deep into your chest,
Locate your soul, caress it and make it realize you truly deserve the best.
No time for false legalities,
Against anything less pleasurable,
And full of technicalities.
No pretense bullshyt from the past,
Time you understand your future at last.
Drink all that you can from the entity of life from that wine glass.
Would you let me dissect you in millions of pieces?
To see where I got in, film you up and then watch you increase,
Gaze at you while you rise and recognize.
Everything you wish to be if you would just...let me.

Copyright 2015

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