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Pillow talk

There's an indent in a pillow that I carefully put away,

I keep it as a token, a shrine to yesterday,

There's a strand of hair I cherish, not much, but all I have,

I keep it in the forlorn hope you might be coming back.


There's a subtle hint of Lopez or might it be White Pearl?

There was a time, a lovin' time, when you scented all my shirts,

I keep this special pillow, as a memory to the past,

If I hold my breath and listen, I can sometimes hear you laugh.


I count the small hours one by one, too tired to fall asleep,

It's when I get the pillow out and lay it next to me,

The indent starts to ripple, getting deeper as you turn,

Just my imagination, but on lonely nights it works.


© Joseph G Dawson