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Rose upon Rose

If I could find such a rose in my bed, I would be

Content for life, alas such roses are rare, and

Rarer still, the garden in which they grow; but,

I must be truthful, and admit that I have had

Roses to fill a vase in my lifetime.


Three times in particular a rose came my way,

And thrice I looked the other way, convinced

Happiness lay elsewhere, and now such roses

Are scarcer than ever, and one may never come

My way again.


Happy days! To my endless delight, I have

Discovered that fate cannot be anticipate, nor

Can she be gainsaid for lo, the very next day a

Rose in full bloom came my way, not yet in my

Arms, but mightily close, and only a hairsbreadth

Away from my bed. It would appear that some of

Us are very fortunate indeed.

© Joseph G Dawson