sweetswords/ sheikh hasina

I had a dream,
So clear and vivid it seem.
I saw I was wiping soiled feet of Sheikh Hasina,
I was cleaning with soft piece of cloth like muslin or pashmina.
And after I woke up I begun to reflect on my dream,
Why cleaning feet , while that represents the foundations like floor , pillar or beam.
Her political base is Awami League and her personal base is Sheik Mujib,
With pride and glory her foundations stands with highest honor to live.
But I saw I was cleaning her feet,
And I the beast whose dreams also have reality to meet.
To be born as daughter,that is not within power of daughter or father,
That divine writ is done by Allah not by father mother or brother.
So if stain is not on her personal foundation then it must be political.
And what else that can be beside her sister political venture Bakshal.
I begun to brood,
Then quick as flash I understood.
I recognized the stain on her glorious shine,
So I seek help of Allah to send tears of seven seas to the eyes of mine.
With my sweat tears and blood,
From gleaming diamond I will wipe the speck of mud.
Diamond or mud they both are earth,
One above other only because of individual living condition after theirs birth.
It is theirs nurture what changes nature of being,
And Sheikh Hasina by her endurance and suffering.
For cursed dust of Bangladesh became the heavenly blessing,
Therefore stain on political foundation is name of her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,
Her shining personal foundation became her political stain of deadman's dark ashes in the golden urn.
He killed the Awami League when he created Bakshal,
And Sheikh Hasina not gave new life to Awami League now made it immortal,
Even if it dies her name will remain in history of womanhood,
Can any woman equal her to stand on the inferno as she stood....

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