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Sunday love


It's oh so comfy-cuddly in the sheets so soft and warm,

No hurried clock to wake us with its ear-piercing alarm,

A nest of love, a touch, a nudge, a cosy shell for two,

Oh how I love the hugs and tugs making Sunday love to you.


A pillow dance, a Sunday chance, to spend some time as one,

Together in a giggly place where love is laced with fun,

Your skin so soft, your yielding mouth, your tender love so true,

Oh how I love, your love, my love, making Sunday love to you,


In heaven's nets we play and rest your warm lips close to mine,

I pull you to my heaving chest to drown in eyes divine,

In waves of love, I wrap you up, a voyage of love for two,

Oh how I bless, the day of rest, making Sunday love to you.


© Joseph G Dawson