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Treasure Island me hearties.

A tale of treachery and deceit

With Jim Lad and Long John Silver

Who'd lost one of his feet.

Billy Bones hid at The Inn

Because the going was hot.

Blind Pew found him there and.

Delivered him the Black Spot.

He died of a heart attack

During a drunken nap

And amongst his possessions

They found a Treasure Map.

The Squire and the Doctor

Decided to make a trip

To find Cap'n Flint's booty

And so they hired a ship.

Jim Lad was the Cabin Boy,

Ships Cook was Long John

Who walked with a crutch

Because one leg was gone.

Jim lad dreamed he was

Eating a Jullenned carrot

Then woke up to find he’d

Eaten Long John's parrot.

Long John was so upset

He shed a private tear

And then in his despair

Became a mutineer.

They thought it was Flint's ghost

But it was somebody having fun

Long John soon identified that

The voice belonged to Old Ben Gunn

After years of being marooned

He proved so easy to please

He went and swapped the treasure

For a large lump of cheese

After many silly adventures

And a few months on the roam

Long John pinched some treasure

And the rest of them sailed home.

Where the Squire and the Doctor

Both returned to duty 

To live in rich splendour

Having taken most of the booty.

Robert Louis Stephenson’s 

Treasure Island, a very fine book

But don’t trust my potted version

Buy a copy and have a look.

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Treasure Isand - A Potted Version