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A row of jazzy underwear

Wafts gently in the breeze

Pegged to the clothes line

Strung between two trees.

A garden brolly provides

Shade from the evening sun,

Chickens scratch the earth

In their wire netting run.


The cockerel struts his stuff through

The chicks of this years hatch,

Beans and peas and potatoes

Grow  profusely in their patch.

Veggies for the table

All home grown

In what I've always wanted

A garden of my own.


Discarded children's toys

Are scattered on the green

But the kids are in bed

Quietly sleeping so not seen.

Blue Geraniums are covered

By wasps and bees and flys

Flitting to and fro for pollen

All sights restful to the eyes.


A summer Friday evening,

A whole weekend ahead

Stretched lazily in my lounger

In my hand a glass of red

Contemplating life, counting

All my blessings one by one

Hoping the rest is as good 

As as that already gone.


In my little country garden

Resting in the shade

My loved one by my side

I've really got it made.

Next week is round the corner

For now just living for the day,

This gentle summer breeze

Blowing all my cares away.





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Summer Friday Evening