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Founded in March 1278, the Fair is one of the largest in Europe, attracting showmen and rides from all over Europe, it is now run from the Saturday nearest 16 October for a week, and is notorious for attracting rain, the infamous " Hull Fair Weather".


Spinning hither and thither

Passing to and fro

Sometimes fast 

Sometimes slow

Climbing high to upside down

Then hurtling fast towards the ground

Whirling and turning to here and there

Just some of the rides at the City's Fair:


Dart a card, hook a duck,

Some games of skill but mainly luck

Toffee Apples Burgers, Candy floss

Fish and chips  and other favoured nosh,

 Massed crowd moving aimlessly around

The flashing lights the wall of sound.

Hull Fair Weather.

They say with a note of pain

Because it nearly always

Pours with rain;


Middle of October every year

Our annual sign Christmas draws near.

They gather for a week

 To disperse and be gone

Travelling showmen 

Moving continually on and on.


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Hull Fair