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Some 47 years after my service in the Vietnam War
I'm suffering the side effects of chemical exposure
From the deadly and debilitating Agent Orange spray

It was suppose to help us by killing off the plants
Jungle vegetation where the VC hid during the day
Then would come out at night and launch attacks

It was very effective at turning the jungle bare
The number of close in attacks had indeed dropped
But this was a benefit that we would later pay for

And though it has taken many years to get help
The VA has at long last relented and helped us
With medical care and lifetime compensation

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

More than 47 years have passed by us and I'm still here,
sadly though many of our own brave brother warriors who
were also heavily exposed to that chemical Agent Orange
back during the war are no longer among us as they have
succumbed to the deadly side effects of their exposure
from those deadly chemicals that were meant to save our
lives during the war. We will never forget them or their
courage and their integrity of which they had displayed
often during the war and their own lifetime since then.
As long as there are even a few of us Vietnam warriors
who are still alive and kicking here on Earth and there
are still many of us who are still alive and kicking we
will always remember and honor our brother warriors for
having stood tall and for serving our own nation and our
citizens defending the freedom we all still enjoy today
because of all those from our past generations who had
defended freedom for all of us who have come after them.

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