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Love at first sight

Last night I dreamt a dream of dreams spun on

The wings of angels astride the clattering looms of

Love at first sight, where the weight of my love for

You became so great it would surely crush you were

It to be taken at full dose.


Angel hooks cast from heaven caught me by the

Heart and reeled me off to a place of vast beauty,

Where my heart became a feather and with this

Feather it wrote: I love you, I love you, I love you,

Thrice times and thrice more before the ink ran thin.


And having run thin the feather disappeared and the

Gates of heaven opened and I was met by the

Guardian of your heart, who in pastimes has dried

Your eyes and healed the many wounds of faltering love,

Was I worthy of your love pondered the angel or were you

To be hurt again?


Yes, I am worthy I replied, more than worthy. My love may

Well be new but it is true and one day new will age and

Become proof of what I say. Whereupon, a star of high

Magnitude in association with a spear cut me in two, which

Side speaks the truth now, cried the guardian of your heart.

Both sides interjected the king, he is true on both counts and

He deserves his prize, let them be and let them love in peace.


Day turned to night and I saw strange electric shadows of

Times to come, happy times, sad times, good times, bad

Times, and through all these times you and I survived and

As I left the dream the guardian of your heart wished me

Well, 'I didn't believe or trust you at first' she said, 'but now

I can see I was wrong, you are a fine man and you have

found yourself a fine woman.'


I awoke in a panic, but thankfully wrapped in your arms…


© Joseph G Dawson