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The Man of the Sea

The Man of the Sea

I steer a great ship, I make my living at sea
I command many men, who take their orders from me
My vessel has great fabrics that borrow the wind
It takes us across rough seas and back home again

I find my way by the sun and the moon
And I often sail from August to June
In fair weather and storm, we travel the sea
There is no better Sea Captain, than me

I go to ports where men of power are my friends
And they pay me well to sail on the strong trade winds
My home port is Joppa, by the edge of the sea
And the King of Israel depends on me

I move tons of materials for use in his temple
That takes over 140,000 craftsmen to assemble
They are called Masons; we never saw one who was mean
And they are working on a building like never before seen

The Temple of Solomon, or so it is called
But no mortal man could design anything this wide and tall
We think it belongs to the One who created everything
The One living and True God, the King of all Kings

It takes over Fourteen Hundred Pillars to support the walls
Which are massive in width and many feet tall
The porch alone is a sight to behold
And King Solomon had it covered in pure Gold

The inside of the temple was built with cedar beams
With hand carved gourds and flowers, no stone was seen
The inner sanctuary was overlaid in pure gold
With a golden alter for the riches of the Covenant untold

King Hiram was the richest man in the land of Tyre
He and King Solomon built a mighty empire
King Hiram had the resources, King Solomon had the plans
To create the greatest Army in the History of man

But their Army never used weapons to destroy and kill
They made use of their skills, to create and build
As we watched in awe and wonder
In the daytime, we never heard the sound of thunder

It rained at night, a soft and gentle rain
That marked the change of seasons and back again
We knew that this was a gift from above
From the Eternal God of peace and love

As the structure went up, we sailed the oceans
From these great men, we learned skill and devotion
We brought back timber and stone from distant lands
For the house of God, built by strong and caring hands

The two Kings found a poor man to work with the stones
He was a very special man, whose talents were well known
As skilled as he was, we heard the whole story
He prayed to God each day and gave Him the glory

We learned this from this kind and gentle man
In every job that you have, do the best that you can
All of the builders did that, they were the best they could be
We never saw them argue, they always seemed to agree

They were happy in their work, even when it got tough
For seven years they worked, until they got the building up
For over four hundred years, this house of God stood
This wonder of heaven, made of stone, gold and wood

Danny Fisher
November, 2015

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The Man of the Sea

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