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Young Ones

“Young Ones”
Written by Loi in 2013

Young ones,
I'm learning about the fact
That God is really there
He is in everywhere
His presence is in the world
So I'm grabbing the bible and read
Because Jesus is the truth
He is teaching me through the Bible
If I ignore his teaching,
Then I have no God in my life
Like if I don't love a man who he love me,
Then I will not be a wife
So young ones, who will you want to learn?
Jesus? Pharisees? Pope? Zeus? Aphrodite? Allah?
Buddha? Elvis? Beatles? 2pac? Obama? Madonna?
Think of anything that is good with your life
Make your own decision of who you encounter with
Girls, do you wish you are a wife?
If so, why not Jesus be in your life?
Because he cares you
And he loves you
If you choose Jesus,
You will think of Him
Thus, his Day will come
And you are getting ready for it
So study his word and learn how to apply his examples
Stand strong and don't let people change you
The people who want to change you need Jesus
But up to them to decide
Rather they want Jesus to be on their side
Or not
The Lake of Fire, do you want to feel hot?
If not, then you will be in peace
And may God bless you
So continue to be in the truth and stay true

Young ones,
Stay true
And keep complying the Law
For May God bless you