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The Good Voice

“The Good Voice”
Written by Loi in 2013

The good voice is the right expression
for everyone to hear
God is hear
So listen,

At the temple where we receive the good voice
I pick up a copy of my King James Version
and head back to home
At home, I write a new poem
It's about the good voice
That I'm learning the truth
The truth is true
It does not mean to tell you
But yea, it does tell you the truth
The truth is the good voice

When you are on the field service,
You stand and have the good voice to share
Don't be selfish to keep it to yourself
People need to hear the message from the good voice

If you are on the field service,
Then the good thing come out from your mouth
The good voice will lead you to the Promised Land
The Promised Land is a free land
So that you won't have to worry about violating your freedom of speech.