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Life can be a long and challenging journey for most
We are faced with many situations as we go through it
Most things are very good experiences but some are not

We grow up and we go to school to learn many new things
We learn of the past, the present and look to the future
Hoping that we can contribute to a better way of life

Some will go on to college, some will go straight to work
Then still some will enlist to defend our nation & citizens
keeping us all safe so we can enjoy the freedom they give

At times their lives are cut short so that others may live
Some have been wounded and will spend their lives healing
But there are others who have been given a death sentence

They were exposed to deadly toxins & chemicals unknowingly
Years later the exposure causes a terminal future for them
With his family to care for they will now face losing him

This veteran knows what his outcome will be and he faces it
With the same courage that he showed fighting for freedom
He fights his biggest battle with little hope of survival

He does not blame anyone for his fate for it was his choice
He did what he could to save others while he defended freedom
He doesn't ask for any ones pity nor for any special favors

He only prays for just a little more time lord for his family
Just let me have one more CHRISTMAS with us all together lord
Let me get everything in order before I have to leave for good

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Dedicated to a very special warrior Gary Steele who had served with our
team down in the Mekong Delta at Binh-Thuy AB in South Vietnam during the
war from 1968 to 1969. Gary had fought Cancer from his heavy exposure to
Agent Orange that was sprayed all around our air base, we thought he had
beat the cancer but yesterday we found out that he was in the hospital as
his cancer had returned once more but he was determined to beat it again
and asked the guys to pray for him again hoping to be home for Christmas.
Please pray for my fellow team mate, that he can once again beat cancer.

As I was getting ready to post this dedication poem to my fellow warrior
and good friend Gary Steele, I was informed he had passed away earlier
this afternoon. Please say a prayer of your own choosing for Gary and for
his family and his relatives as they mourn his passing from this world, I
ask too for prayers for all of us who had served in Vietnam and were also
heavily exposed to this deadly chemical called Agent Orange. Somehow we'd
never thought that we'd be killed off one by one by our own side some 40
plus years after having survived that terrible war from a chemical spray
that was meant to save lives by eliminating all those tall jungle plants
and elephant grasses that the Viet Cong had used for cover as they would
sneak up close enough to our bases to fire their mortars and rockets at us.

"So Long My Friend" - By Yanni

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