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They dare to sit in judgement

Nearly fifty years on,

Raking over the coals of

Incidents long long gone.

After we are made to

Relive Bloody Sundays Hell

I hope they’ll investigate 

The politicians as well.


In their Ivory Towers

They sleazily sit and wait

While from the benefit of comfort

Third parties will investigate.

How many of these people,

These judging figures,

Have been in the position

Of having to pull a trigger.


How many have faced

The prospect of death

Never quite knowing if your

Next may be your last breath.

A judgement made quickly

On a chaotic scene

And nearly fifty years later they

Try judge things that have been.


Perhaps mistakes were made

In the heat of the fighting

But dont lets forget that

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

Perhaps it’s time those in charge

Were made to confesss: 

The squaddie was only there 

To clear up the politicians mess.


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