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A manicured hand

The shoes were made of delicate strips of white

Leather, backed by tantalising ankle straps,

Captivating heels, and pretty pink soles, set off

By bright aluminium spikes, dipping each glorious

Foot in pure unadulterated eroticism.


Beyond the shoes lay a pair of legs honed to

Perfection by The Goddess of female flawlessness

In lines of desire too heady to ignore, too perfect to

Resist. A veritable feast of sexual sumptuousness

That tonight patrolled the corridors of Willow Grove

Girls finishing school.


A manicured hand reached out from the shadows

And caught the arm of a girl hurrying along the corridor.

'Nice top, what's your hurry young lady?' 'I have to be

Up early tomorrow miss and I haven't had a shower

Yet,' replied Samantha shocked to find someone still

Up at this time of night. 'Well, we can take one together

If you like, I was just on my way there myself. I'm surprised

We haven't met before my name's Yvonne by the way and

It's my job to make sure new girls settle in properly.' With

That the two girls made their way towards warm water,

Lather and…


Steam filled the room as powerful jets heated the still

Air bringing a tropical humidity to an atmosphere heavily

Laced with perfume and fragrant body lotion. Neither girl

Could see the other such was the density of the steam,

There voices and their laughter gradually drawing closer

Until two shower heads became one, when a manicured

Hand reached out through the mist prompting a soft

Inviting squeal from Samantha…


Samantha came alive that night forming a friendship

That would last a good deal longer than the steam,

The bubbles, and the manicure.


© Joseph G Dawson