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When a woman loves a man


When a woman loves a man,

it’s a very special thing,

As natural as tomorrow,

Like breathing out and in.


There won't be any obstacles,

That she can't overcome,

And if there's another woman,

No guessing which one won.


When a woman loves a man,

She'll give it all she's got,

She'll fight for him, she'll lie for him,

And do what some would not.


When a woman loves a man,

The rules are there to break,

She'll sacrifice, she'll have a child,

And whatever else it takes.


When a woman loves a man,

There's no borderline, no gate,

She loves him and that's all there is,

And what she wants she'll take.


When a man loves a woman,

It's on a different scale and plan,

It's not the same, can't be the same,

As when a woman loves a man.

© Joseph G Dawson