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Museum Piece

It telepaths in from Zelenium 3,
Which orbits a binary star,
Having the advantage of being,
In telepathic terms, not so very far.

The host robot stirs
As it becomes a whole
Neuronic circuits active
As the visitor takes control.
Sensors adjusting
So the ambient light
Doesn't damage or overwhelm
Any visitor's range of sight.
Out into the open
Where the visitor meets
A totally the empty City
Of sterilely clean streets;

Sealed from the elements,
Showing not a trace
Of the builders of the city
That ancient alien race.
This empty world discovered,
Inhabited no more
Silent reminder of results
Of total biological war.
Restored by the federation
This planet there to display
An assumption of the life
As it was lived in its heyday.

The robot trundles on
The only thing it meets
Others of its kind carrying
Visitors around the streets.
There to learn a lesson
Obvious and succinct
A brilliant but warring species
Whose file is marked extinct.
The visitor learns the lesson
As the robot moves slowly on
Until, the lesson being finished,
It telepaths off and is gone.

Beyond the sealed city
A world of growth and green.
The plants have returned
In a wild and natural scene
There is a scurrying and hurrying
On that jungle's floor
And maybe, just maybe
Echoes of a Tiger's throaty roar

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