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I'm not mentioned much in the Bible and that's fine with me
I was very proud to have Mary in my life, you see
We had plans to marry and start a life together
When she came to me with news that would change us forever

She said she had a vision from an Angel of the Master
The news that he brought changed our lives forever after
She would have a child that was not from me
But from the most high God of eternity

 She was to bear God's only Son
 And by His Holy Spirit, it would be done
 How can Mary lie to me? She was to be my child's mother
 And now she tells me that she carries the son of another

I asked her again, "The Son of God, can this be true?
Of all of the virgins in the world, why would He choose you?"
She told me of the words the Angel spoke in her vision
And now it is up to me, to make a decision

My world is crushed, how can this story be true?
If there is another man, what am I to do?
I will leave her quietly so that she may save face
And I will move on alone, to another place

An Angel of the Lord came to me and gave me proof
That every word that Mary spoke was the truth
She was indeed to be the mother of the King
And she had not lied to me about anything

I'm just a simple carpenter, but today I'm a king
Now I am married to Mary and I want for nothing
The Lord picked her to bear His Son
I picked her because I knew that she was the one

Caesar decreed that the number of people must be learned
So to the land of their fathers, they must return
We always obeyed the law from those who gave it
So we traveled to the city of my father, David

The journey was long and Mary was near her time
But we had to go there, for her good and mine
Near the city of Bethlehem, we could go no longer
The road was rough and her pains grew stronger

We searched for a place to stay, a room to lend
But we were turned away, time and again
To find a room for the night, we were not able
So we had to settle for a stall in a stable

In that humble place, the King of Kings began His life
Born to the Virgin Mary, my sweet wife
As I held Him in my arms, I knew He was the one
God and I rejoiced at the birth of His Son

An angel told the shepherds who were tending their sheep
That the Savior was nearby, fast asleep
A star guided the three wise men
To the place where all salvation began

From that bright star in the peaceful night
They found the Prince of peace and light
King Herod was deeply troubled when he heard the news
Could this be really be the King of the Jews?

He called together the priests of the day
And asked them if the Messiah could be born this way
Their answer was yes, just as Isaiah had written
Years ago, in the prophesy that he was given
Peace came upon the land that night
As a gentle snow fell in the soft moonlight
For unto us was born that day
The Lamb of God, who would show the way

I knew as I saw him in the manger lay
That he would save the world some day
What an honor to me that God gave
And I marveled at the miracle that He made

Imagine the treasure that I had won
To have Mary as my wife and Jesus as my son
God entrusted me with a mission Divine
To raise the Savior of all mankind.

Danny Fisher December 2015

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