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The answer is Yes


The answer is Yes, I am missing you Greatly,

I thought I might get by without you, but the

Answer is No I cannot. I see you everywhere,

Your hair in a crowd, your legs on a bus, every

Part of you is everywhere I look. I cannot escape

You, nor do I want to.


The answer is Yes, I thought I was stronger than

This, but the answer is No, I am not. I pine away

For you day and night and need you by my side.

You are my soulmate, my reason for being, and

The reason I write this in hope that you will read

It and come to my rescue.


The answer is Yes, I am a fool, I played 'This Time'

And let you walk out the door, but the answer is No,

I am not Troy Shondell and I had no business treating

You in this way. You are the woman I love, the woman I

Desperately care about and now, I am alone and were

You to ask do I regret my actions? I must confess that

The answer is Yes!


© Joseph G Dawson