lost and then found

hope for a friend

Hope you find your true love
And discover all your dreams
For no one deserve to be lonely
With someone you might just be free
Its not that prison that they say it is
For when there is two true love never ends
there is no discussion of a ball and chain
For if you want to be there you don't play that game
Hope you find laughter and the wonders of love
Discover a passion and send her your trust
We all see the burdens
And don't see the strain
Of what we are doing
It never the same
You should hold her and kiss her
Assure her you care
But some times we pull away
And lose love some where
Sometimes it is her and then it is you
we don't show are feelings sometimes and its overdue
Hope that you see it before she leaves you
But take what your given
And give what you can
Its together we see that together we stand
For even in true love
there is a fight sometimes
And then she forgives you
And it shows you all night
Hope you find true love
And the person that cares
For you are one of my true friends
And the love that's been given is precious and rare
There's no look to another
But we all look sometimes
SO don't be obvious she will scold you in kind
We are all going to be there
At the big wedding day
Don't know if its true love
 Hope you found it this day

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hope for a friend

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