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Generational Faith

Generational Faith

From father to son, from son to grandson
Many seeds produced from the fruit of one
Down through the generations our testimony will grow
From the foundation of faith we continue to show
As we build on those before us to prepare for those who follow
Holding tightly to the promise we might not see tomorrow
But knowing that the word of God shall come to pass
We work and work until we all have rest at last
Abraham received instruction and moved on by faith
He believed in the promise of a son one day
He received the son of promised, then faced a test
Passed it by concluding that Gods way was best
That faith gave a righteous standing with God
And from him many nations stand today in awe
From Issac to Jacob, to Joseph and sons
Passed the faith that God's will, shall be done
This story about one man was never about that one man
It's about the man who was God and man
ďGo ye therefore and teach all nationsĒ
Build a church that will span throughout all generations
The church not made of sticks and stones
But a collection of resurrected dead dry bones
Walking, talking evidence of things unseen
Living testimonies of what faith will bring
Look at the big picture, what do you see
It was never about you and not about me
Step back beyond yourself, re-focus and look again
Christ painted a picture so much bigger that sin
We are saved, sanctified, and divinely set apart
And our painful reconstruction has become a work of art
Faith rewarded on display for the world to see
A testimony that will live when there is no more me
So those still here after we are gone
Will know God's power still lives on
Invest in the future while you are here
Teach and preach to those you hold dear
Pray and pray until you are blue
Believe and believe God answers you
Live a life of love and grace
So the next generation can take your place

J. Moore

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Generational Faith